Since 1933,
providing all kind of
fabrics. Wholesalers
and retailers.


The company was founded in 1933, Ribes & Casals is a company that sells all kind of fabrics, through wholesale and retail. It has three establishments, in Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

The company is known for having one of the biggest collections that you can find nowadays, where there are all kind of fabrics of Pret-a-porter, fashion, Children, Carnival and Show business, home apparel, Flamenco, Dance, etc.

After almost 80 years, Ribes & Casals has maintained since its beginnings the vocation and the customer service policy to adapt to new trends, forms and user requirements.


Las rebajas por fin han llegado a nuestras tiendas. Son los días más  esperados del año para poder disfrutar de precios muy competitivos en todos nuestros tejidos...