Variety of fabrics and fibers.
Animal, vegetable and synthetic origin.

Fabrics for fashion, flamenco and sevillan, dance and spectacle,
furnishing fabrics, carnival, handicrafts, children, and all your
imagination can create are at Ribes & Casals.

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Home Fabrics

Within the fabrics for home decoration, you will be able to enjoy a very wide range of canvas for tapestry and curtain, table linen and tablecloths, leatherette for upholstery, linens, etc.… An infinity of composition, textures, colors and prints to decorate your home or local. Your imagination will be the only limit to dress the living room, the parental bedroom and that of the children, the bathroom, the kitchen and the outside with our Teflon blinds. And also, all the must-haves of this collection such as high-quality plain and printed cloths, jacquard, anti-stain resins tablecloths, towel fabrics, black out fabrics for curtains …

Fashion Fabrics

Our main category and the favorite of all fashion and trendy enthusiasts, whether for the autumn winter or spring summer collection. We present today our collections which are made up of winter mesh fabrics, neoprene fabrics very fashionable these days, imitation leather, crepes, but also more classic fabrics such as cotton and printed viscose. We also offer a wide range of fabrics for your ceremonies such as natural silk gauzes, satin crepes, triacetates and quality linings.

Dance and Show Fabrics

Another of our speciality : fabrics for disguises, dancing, show and some competition sports such as Gymnastic or Ice Skating. Plain and printed fabrics available in a wide range of colors not only for professionals in the entertainment world but for individuals and associations of all kinds. An inexhaustible catalog of fabrics, fibers and sequined fabrics, matt lycra and shiny lycra for bodys and suits. All types of lycra printed for swimming suits in bright and shiny colors. Our collection includes a wide variety of fabric like carnival satin, sateen, sequined and glittered fabrics, vinyls, lycra tulle, etc…

Flamenco Fabrics

Flamenco fabrics are one of the specialties of Ribes & Casals. Plain and printed cotton fabrics in all colors. For the production of Sevillan suits, herringbone jackets, skirts and dance gowns. Our collection 2017 for Flamenco fashion revolves around poplins and crepes, plain or printed fabrics, embroidered or perforated fabrics, and of course, all kinds of dots in various colors and sizes, and can be combined. In this category, let yourself be carried away by the variety of prints and colors to create you the flamenco dress of your dreams.


Discover our accessories and tools section on Ribes & Casals Haberdashery. In this section, you will find all kinds of patchwork complements, as well as a wide selection of zipper in different colors and sizes, Gütermann and ORA 120 yarns, elastic bands, bias, backpack straps, thimbles and even more. You can also equip yourself with Sewing machine and adaptable mannequin.